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The Wrath of Dragonblight

Welcome to The Wrath, the oldest guild on the Dragonblight server. Founded 12-05-05 we have always been & continue to be a friendly guild with great raiding success from Vanilla WoW to this very day. The Wrath is a 10 man raiding guild that aims to balance good raid progress(heroic raids) with enough time for real life.

Please Note: We are now recruiting. Please contact an Officer in game or register for our foums and complete an application form in the Recruitment section if you are interested in joining The Wrath either as a Social player or for Raiding.

OFFICERS: Kurzan (GM) - Porthoos - Athoos - Etanys - Souloflight - Moulder
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Just a post...
02/18/2014 07:39 PM by Porthoos
To make sure Guildomatic does not delete our lovely but slightly inactive website :)


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